It is so great to so many more faces in worship that have not been here for awhile, either because they have been away or because of covid or other reasons!   So glad to see all of you!   Summer seems to be in full swing and everyone is enjoying the weather and some are seeing family and friends for the first time in quite awhile and some are enjoying getting away for a few days!  One June 27  Church Council is planning a potluck after church and how much fun will that be!!  Don’t forget to sign up for coffee time, liturgist, and usher; the sign up sheets are in the fellowship hall.  See you Sunday!!
Pastor Karna
Monday Mornig Quarterbacks
It has been said many times, “Everyone’s a critic.” And usually, we all are in one way or another. People also speak of “Monday morning quarterbacks.” These folks dissect the big Sunday game on Monday morning, around the water cooler, rendering opinions on why the team lost. Folks play quarterback in other areas of life as well, especially when it comes to our faith. Critics surround us, seeking to tell us how to witness, how to do Jesus’ work. Sometimes it is important to listen to such critics. But how can we move on with our work?
Jesus faced critics all the time … many, many Monday morning quarterbacks. By focusing on what God wanted him to do, Jesus did not let the critics crush him or his vision. Instead, he recognized that in seeing all the world as God’s field, he had to continue on with what God wanted him to do. So must we. Monday morning quarterbacks cannot be permitted to bring the work of the Kingdom to a grinding halt.
Blessed Be Your Holy Name
Jesus, the Word become flesh;
Jesus, the Lamb of God;
Jesus, God’s Chosen One;
Jesus, Teacher and Messiah;
Jesus, Son of God;
Jesus, the one whom God has sent;
Jesus, Savior of the World;
Jesus, the Bread of Life;
Jesus, the Light of the World,
Jesus, the Son of Man,
Jesus, Good Shepherd of the Sheep;
Jesus, the Resurrection and the Life;
Jesus, the King of the Jews;
Jesus, my Lord and my God.