Dear faithful Brothers and Sisters of Alpha United Methodist Church,


As you are aware, my commissioning as a Provisional Elder in the United Methodist Church unites me with other United Methodist pastors in a covenant community whose calling first and foremost is to serve God and Christ in the world.  This covenant also calls us to serve Christ and the world where we are sent.  United Methodist pastors are always prepared to itinerate as the Holy Spirit, working through our Bishop and Cabinet of our Annual Conference, directs that we should.

The purpose of this letter is to share with you that our Illinois Great Rivers Conference Bishop, Rev. Dr. Frank J. Beard, has recently appointed me to serve as Pastor of Hamilton & Warsaw Trinity United Methodist Churches in the LaMoine River District, beginning January 1st, 2020.  My family and I will be moving to the west Hancock County area, where I will continue the ministry of Christ in a new setting and with new congregations of United Methodists.

I wat to assure you that Methodism has a process in place to make such transitions go smoothly.  I also want to assure you that even as your congregation prepares to receive new pastoral leadership, the present needs and goals of your Christian community will continue to be important and addressed by your lay leadership.  Your Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) has a minimum of 90 days to prepare for the changes ahead, which will naturally include a new pastoral appointment to Alpha United Methodist Church beginning on a date to-be-determined by your IGRC Bishop and Cabinet.  Your SPRC chair, Dale Lanning, is in contact with Spoon River District Superintendent, Rev. Steve Granadosin, to communicate your congregation’s present needs and expectations for future pastoral leadership.

I am, of course, still processing my own emotions about this move with my family.  These emotions range from excitement as we anticipate this new adventure, to the fear and trembling one feels in the face of a new challenge, to the enormous pain and grief that always comes when we must leave the community we have called home for 52 months.

In the midst of chaos and change, one thing remains the same: Jesus Christ.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He is at the helm of this ship we call the church.  He is able to lead  us safely through storms into calmer seas and to get us where we need to go.  Let us all lean into Him for our direction and care in this time of change.  You remain in my prayers and I humbly ask for your prayers on behalf of my family during this season of transition.


In Christ,

Rev. Zackary T. Glenn